“ISH” starts off with the kind of big trap beat that ought to be scoring the new James Bond movie. Cinematic, shrouded in mystery, but with a complete and total sense of self-assurance. The song’s got an ominous undertone but a hell of vibe.

The high-hats fade out and the bass kicks in laying track for the smoothest rapper I’ve heard in a couple of years now. Seriously, where did all the smooth flow guys go in this mumble world? When Zebra Katz steps into the track it feels like an evil villain, having just kidnapped Bond. Trapped in an underwater cage, the rapper watches him drown while revealing his evil plan for world domination. Eye patch on, cane for good measure. Sick of this world saving bullshit. Maybe we all just need a party. You ever think of that Jimmy? Huh?

Zebra Katz ain’t no super villain. He’s just whispering the sweet seductions of sin in our ears. He’s ready to take over the world, sure, but with “the dance floor jumping, and ass bump-bumping, hands clapping, feet stomping.” Sounds like our kind of ish. 



Katz’ whisper-flow is mesmerizing. Almost like this track is a command, and everybody who hears it is about to be brain-washed into following his every decree. When those static bass stings come in, boom we’re hooked. Let’s dance to this brain massage of a tune, people. 

This one is a barn-burner. It’s going to have dance floors grinding and getting all kinds of crazy when it drops from house parties to house shows and everything in between. This time last year we were excited about the first couple of Channel Tres singles. I can see the parallels here. Though Katz ain’t no new blood like Tres, pulling releases all the way back to Mad Decent’s 2012’s vial classic “Ima Read,” which was just about everywhere for a couple of months. Check that one out for a bit of a throwback to simpler times. Also a chuckle or three.

This isn’t a full on reinvention for Katz, but most definitely a major pull back into the consciousness with a fuller, more considered sound. This is full on attack mode. This is a monster. And there’s not anything else like it. Put this one on repeat 'cause you’re worth it.


From deep within the murky depths of the Los Angeles River emerged a creature: 50% raver, 50% comedian, 10% Robotcop. Kurt Kroeber doesn’t own a dog, operates Soundbleed (the world’s only dance party comedy talk show rave), and is down to party with you. Come up some time and say “Hey dude!” But definitely make sure to casually drop the secret Illuminati password.