Y’all remember #HurtBae?

Do you remember the empathy and relatability you felt while watching the video, because you too have been hurt like bae was? Do you remember her ex’s smugly apathetic face, and how much you wanted to kick his teeth in because not only did he not have any remorse for what he’d done, but he very much embodied every gross little man that did your heart wrong?

Now imagine if there was a song for all those dinguses that toyed with our hearts. And what if that song was actually good? I know, right?

Take a listen to Lebanese artist Bazzi’s song “Why” down below, and I’m sorry for any memories this will stir up.



100 percent honesty: “Why” is frickin’ GREAT. Bazzi’s got the magnetic confidence of The Weeknd with the frankness of Khalid. And he’s got the equal talent as well. The chorus hits, and Bazzi’s vocals flutter through like butterflies soaked in honey. Or some weird sh*t like that.

But the lyrics! Break my heart, Bazzi, why don’t ya. “I’m still on your Netlix, girl I know you love me.” That’s only the beginning. “Why” is a bad boy’s anthem, and will remind you of every aloof dude you tried staying away from but couldn’t.

Though in Bazzi’s defense, it does sound a little apologetic. After all, it’s not his fault he’s got a captivating charm. Zamn.

Listen to Bazzi’s other song “Mine” on his Soundcloud as well, and keep your ears tuned.