Sob story time, Guardians. Are you ready?

In one of my first “relationships,” I was sadly cheated on. When I confronted him about the girl, he tried to angle out of it by arguing semantics — you know, the usual “were we REALLY together” / “Did we define our relationship?” bull crap that typical f*ckboys pull. But I think I knew then what I still know now: From the way he acted, I kinda saw it coming.

Then I compare it to another relationship, where there was no cheating involved. He was actually a really nice guy — which is why I probably felt so blindsided by the breakup. What followed next were two months of friends trying to get me to see red, telling me to be angry. “I can’t,” I’d say, sobbing into a pillow. “He was so nice! I WISH he hurt me.”

*brings out acoustic guitar* Anyway guys, here’s “Bad.”



I promise there was a reason for having you trudge through my bad ex stories — thus, may I present to you Lennon Stella’s brand new and DELICIOUS pop single, “Bad.” Above, you can watch her smolder in sadness. I demand you watch.

You’ll probably recognize Stella from your favorite guilty pleasure that ended this year, Nashville. So I understand that the song might be a huge contrast from what you’re used to. But Stella’s voice was absolutely made for pop gems like this. Her whispy voice carries the infectious bridge and chorus effortlessly, and the production behind it justifies the growing number of streams for this song (it’s only been out for a couple of days and it is CLIMBING).

But most importantly, “Bad” is a song about heartbreak; the ones that hurt the most because you don’t see it coming. “I wish you treated me bad,” Lennon Stella sings in the chorus, and of course no one ever wants to be treated like dogsh*t - but it will at least justify the hurt.

And if wishing for a bad breakup doesn’t do the trick, maybe calling them out on their six-year relationship like Stella does at the end of her song, will tear them apart. Yiiikes.

I doubt Lennon Stella would release this without having a diabolical plan up her sleeve to take over the music world now that Nashville is done. Stay tuned, everyone.