The EasyFun remix of K.I.D.’s “Taker” is just that; easy listening that feels as carefree as a Friday night out. If it weren’t for the familiar repetition of the titular lyrics throughout the track, this remix would be completely unidentifiable because where K.I.D. is pop, EASYFUN is electropop. The original is peppy, but this new version’s energy is turned all the way up and the tone stays that high until the song’s very last second.



If you’re asking yourself, “Who is EasyFun?”, you shouldn’t feel too bad about it. The project is an anomaly in that there is little-to-no background information on it anywhere on the internet. What we do know is that it is a part of PC Music, an art collective based out of London. Since 2013, EasyFun has released light party-ready song after song, including a remix for Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” and an EP playfully titled Shrek 5.

This particular remix isn’t awe-inducing, but it does get the foot tapping and then swinging with bubblegum bass. It’s so amusing, that as easily as it can be blasted at a rave, it can also be played at a children’s party. It’s simple and enjoyable and deserves a listen or five when you’re in the right mood.