This is that new sound.

The one that’s going to replace that last sound. I’m not even really sure what that last sound was, but it definitely wasn’t this. It was something else. Once upon a time it was even something different from that. But this, this is that new sound. That bass-heavy house vibe with pop-rap funkiness that covers every possible quadrant of what makes a good dance music tune. I’ve heard a couple jams like this before but here it’s like an angel from heaven came down to craft the perfect version of it. Hark the herald Merk & Kremont.

Do you like hip-hop? Well then Merk & Kremont got that covered x10 with a rhyme from Tkay Maidza. How about upbeat funky house music that doesn’t shy away from heavy bass drops? AW hell yeah, this is that song incarnate. Literally manufactured in a lab to BANG, but not dubstep too heavy it shakes the teeth out of your head kind of BANG. More like pool-party splish-splash vibes.

Merk & Kremont’s “Sushi” is the equivalent of dropping into your favorite sushi spot the day after payday, flush with cash and splurging on all the choice picks the menu has to offer. Specialty rolls, appetizers, sake bombs-- keep 'em flowing. ANYTHING YOU WANT IS JUST AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. In fact I’m based out of San Diego, where one of our premiere house music venues is Bang Bang, a sushi restaurant located in the heart of downtown. If this song doesn’t get played by every DJ coming through, well then I don’t understand how the world works.



Merk & Kremont are new to me, but they’re not new to the scene. The Milan, Italy based DJ and production duo have been dropping singles on huge labels like Spinnin, Flamingo, Musical Freedom and Revealed since way back 2012, with four showings on the DJ Mag top 150 in the last five years. Must be paying attention to the wrong side of things. Heard of or not, I know one thing for sure-- and that is that these boys damn well know how to craft a tune that’ll just about get everybody in the whole world hype. I mean come on, who doesn’t love Sushi? This song, not the food.

A release on Spinnin is pretty much a guaranteed good time. The label doesn’t even bother with tracks that aren’t destined to become gigantic hits. I’m not so invested in the West Coast Massive culture as I was four or five years ago, but I’m positive this one will hit like an earthquake at the rave. Let’s Party.

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