Despite a decade and a half of touring and six studio records already in the bag, Metric always finds a way to bring something new to their sound. On their latest single “Now Or Never Now,” the Canadian quartet’s again sounds refreshed and transformed.

The exhilarating and grandiose synth pop jam is about reclaiming yourself and finding silence and inner peace despite all the noise going on around you. The band has been mixing the track in on their sets opening for the Smashing Pumpkins. “Now Or Never Now” will appear on the their new LP Art of Doubt. The album was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (M83, Nine Inch Nails), marking the first time the band has used an outside producer. The early returns on said record have been phenomenal and “Now Or Never Now” is an exquisite banger that is among the best pure pop songs that band has ever made.

Singer Emily Haines drives the song steadily through its subtle swings with her intoxicating vocals. In regards to the themes of “Now Or Never Now,” she had this to say: 

“When you’re suddenly confronted with the fact that you’re rapidly running out of time to take action in your life, it isn’t always pretty. You can no longer afford the luxury of words like ‘eventually’ or indulge in the usual superficial fixes. ‘Now or Never Now’ is the song for anyone who has stagnated, paralyzed by past failures, in a state of regret… There’s nothing left to do but start over.”

Starting over is a motherf*cker, but it’s inevitable. The cycle of creation and destruction is the only constant in this life, so if you’ve gotta pick yourself back up and try again, you may as well do so with a pristine power pop song like this one.



“Now Or Never Now” is the third single off Art of Doubt, due out September 21 via MMI/Crystal Math.  Metric is done carrying Billy Corgan’s washed ass on stage and will be venturing out on their own headlining adventure in October. Dates, venues, and ticket info can be found on their official site.

In parting, here’s a tracklist to the new record with some links to the already released songs.

Art of Doubt:

1. Dark Saturday
2. Love You Back
3. Die Happy
4. Now or Never Now
5. Art of Doubt
6. Underline the Black
7. Dressed to Suppress
8. Risk
9. Seven Rules
10. Holding Out
11. Anticipate
12. No Lights on the Horizon


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