As I repeatedly listened to “Human” by Vorsa, and let its many waves and layers wash over me, I began to wonder about the person behind the song. 

My search for answers as to who the f**k Vorsa is ended quickly and anit-climatically. His socials are just links to his music and little more. The closest thing to a bio that exists for homie is a single sentence on his Soundcloud:

“My music will tell you more about me than I ever will.”

Not terribly illuminating, but props to this dude for wanting his music to speak for itself. Give it a listen yourself before we dive into what it means and what it says about the artist behind it.


So what exactly is his music, in particular, “Human”, telling us about Vorsa? For starters, that he’s full of contradictions. 

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m human. Sometimes I can feel my own breath escape my lungs.”

The tracks opening lines are, um, less than upbeat And they’re repeated. However, they’re sung in a lush half whisper and backed by a tranquil, airy beat. And they eventually make way to a wonderfully explosive pop hook. Conflicting messages indeed. It’s like saying ‘I feel disillusioned and alienated by the world around. But it’s chill, I’m just gonna bliss out’.  Shades of Dyan’s version of “Cycling Trivialities”, and the majority of the music I love. 

Other Vorsa song titles include “Imperfections”, “One Day”, and “Chasing Happiness”. All are good tunes but don’t reveal anything more about the artist behind them. Perhaps that’s the point.

Vorsa isn’t being revealing, yet he’s not obfuscating either. “Human” ends up being the most telling of all. 

Vorsa is just a person. They’ve had their heart broken by others. They have experienced pain and a developed enough cynicism to occasionally feel like less than they are.