First things first, I still don’t know how I’m supposed to pronounce Atlanta rapper 6lack’s name. However, I think I found the Plenty of Fish page for Singawd, the producer on “Bless Me,” a track that is pure fire and announces 6lack as yet another Atlanta rapper you need to be up on.

“Bless Me” feels like a breakout track, and for 6lack it literally is. According to his Tumblr (you should give his whole piece a read if you have the time), he’s been waiting a long time to break out. Signed to an independent label in 2011, he was force fed a bunch of beats and concepts he hated. As a form of protest he refused to release any of the tunes forced upon him by a label desperately searching for a “hit record.”

Now he’s out of that deal and recently signed to LVRN (LoveRenassiance), the same label as Raury, and is experiencing a rebirth of his own. Dude’s finally free. Looks like he’s gonna make the most of it. “Bless Me” is dark, dreary, ambient beat featuring sleepy sing-song raps that hover over it. Sounds like a familiar formula, but this is something different. Just a few bars is all you need to find out for yourself. 



We’ll keep you up to date on the comings and goings of 6lack, as he’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on. As of now he’s only got one other song, “PRBLMS,” on his Soundcloud.

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