When I first heard the Alabama Shakes, I reacted like a religious convert. Anyone I could forcibly make listen to “Hold On,” I would. I pestered everyone else until they listened to it or just stopped being friends with me. I told anyone who would pretend to listen that Brittany Howard was the best voice since Dylan. And while their newest single, “Don’t Wanna Fight,” did not quite illicit the same type of response, the news of the band’s 2nd LP, Sounds & Color, did make me go from 6 to midnight.

The boys and Ms. Howard stick with what got them here on “Don’t Wanna Fight.” We’ve got a Black Keys-esque rift and that absurdly awesome set of pipes taking center stage. Lyrically the song touches on that moment in a relationship in which the constant bickering starts to overtake the fact that the two people involved forget that they even liked each other in the first place. It’s quite moving. Although B-How could be singing about sympathizing with Hitler and it would probably stir me emotionally.

Great song nonetheless.  



Sounds & Color is out April 21st in North America, the 20th everywhere else. Don’t worry America, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something else to do on April 20th.

Thankfully they went with a better album cover this time.

Alabama Shakes bigfoot

Peep the rest here.


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