We live in a microwave age, where everyone expects things to be ready immediately. Few have the patience to allow something to simmer and grow naturally. Dog Orchestra seems to be the exception to this rule. The Stockholm-via-Berlin duo first popped on our radar a few years back, but they’ve kept a low profile since, honing their craft and waiting for their moment. It appears to have arrived.

“Broke,” Dog Orchestra’s new single, is not the Modest Mouse cover I hoped it was, but instead it’s a towering achievement for a band that’s found their voice. They’ve found the perfect blend of male and female vocals, without falling on the usual call-and-response cliches. Lyrically the song takes pot shots at materialism, and at those who take shots at materialism while willingly participating in it. There’s really something for everyone here.

And it's no surprise that Dog Orchestra is getting support. Ariel Pink recently commented on "Broke," calling it "White-thug Everlast pushing Richard Ashcroft sheen."

“I need my sushi roll. I need my snakeskin boots,” are just a few of the snappy one-liners fired off over atmospheric synths and hushed electronica. “Broke” manages to be haunting and ambient, while holding fast to a core of pop hooks. These euros have put their time in polishing their labor of love, and it's starting to pay off. Have a listen to the finished project and best five minutes of your day below:



If Dog Orchestra so much as sneezes, we will let you know. And hopefully that long-awaited debut EP will drop this year.

"Broke" is out now on Spotify as well!

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, where we too need our pool-side chardonay.


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