Swedish indie band DOG ORCHESTRA is back with their brand new track, “Hotel,” and we cannot wait to bring it to you today.



The band’s ominous vocals and enchanting synth work truly shines on this track— “Hotel” is a moody synth-driven 4:39 with menacing vocals that are beautifully captivating. From the moment it starts, you’re drawn in with vibrating electronics and haunting atmospherics to set the mood. The vocal melody gives off some Airborne Toxic Event vibes (more specifically, “Sometime Around Midnight,”) and you can hear his pained vocals gain in intensity as the track slowly builds into the 1:15 mark when hard hitting drums and pounding keys lead you into the chorus. Shortly after the 1:40 mark, pulsating synths, industrial electronics, and soaring keys take you into the heart of the song and will have you completely hooked for the remainder of its duration. I love what happens after the 3:15 mark, when female backing vocals and urgent orchestral elements create a dramatic mood that causes the track to hit its peak. Coming in at almost five minutes in lengths, “Hotel” does a beautiful job of building up and down into a perfectly crafted track.

The lyrics are also worth checking out, which we’ll include bellow—

You said midtown
was a wishing well
sending bacardis off the roof of some hotel
and it’s the guest list kids
against everyone else
you know they'd all say that they knew you if you fell
but this is not the kind of heartache you can’t grow from
well baby you know where to find us if you don’t
And if you crack down on the
witness stand
run off with the cash advance
or lose your shit
call it quits
and leave here in an ambulance
Oh, I will understand
Oh, I will understand
Just don’t answer any questions
and call me when you land
We can party
at the hotel
and send your cell phone
across the lobby Isabel
and if you’d rather fuck a movie star
drink up while they cut your card
or throw a fit
run for it and
wake up in a K-9 car
Oh, I will understand
I will understand
But don’t answer any questions
Don’t answer any questions
Don’t answer any questions
And call me when you land
Oh try to keep your hands out of the minibar
Oh try to keep your hands out of the minibar
Oh try to keep your hands out of the minibar
Oh try to keep your hands out of the minibar

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