PC Music, both the genre and the record label, are here to stay, whether you like it or not. And since you’re reading Bitcandy, I’m going to assume you either like it or are a glutton for punishment. Head of the aforementioned PC Music label, A.G. Cook, has teamed up with producer Danny L. Harle to form Dux Content, whose latest single, “Snow Globe,” feels like it’s angling for the Frozen 2 soundtrack.

PC music continues to feel like the logical conclusion of twee pop to me, and “Snow Globe” is no exception to this rule. “Snow Globe” is an infectious, light-weight banger which leans heavily on a flurry of pop hooks. Things start off slowly enough, with the typical PC music formula of high-pitched female vocals accompanied by a smattering of electronic beeps and twitches. In the second half of the song the process speeds up, building to a marvelous breaking point, which is followed by a serene, breezy comedown. In a sense, the song is a lot like shaking up a snow globe. Maybe that’s why they call it that…



Download Dux Content “Snow Globe” for free above.

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