Awful Records’ FATHER just released his hot new pop-trap track “Hands” produced by Meltycanon, following last year’s track, “Heartthrob.” We’re super excited to share this track with you since it’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything new from the Atlanta-based artist, and “Hands” definitely delivers. The track is carried by a mesmerizing, music box-inspired beat full of twinkling electronics and a winding and ticking beat that will have you totally hooked and moving back and forth within the track’s first couple of seconds.



After a very brief, stripped-down intro, things quickly kick off as he hypnotically repeats the lines,  “hands on sight/ on sight/ on sight/ on sight” over Meltycanon’s twinkling electronics and the snappy drum machine beat. Father’s flow manages to be both melodic and fierce at the same time, as the track is packed full of memorable pop-culture references (everything from the Gameboy Advance, Sony Pictures, Benihana, to TV on the Radio) and hard-hitting lines that will keep you coming back for repeat listens. One of my favorite moments has to be right after the 1:50 mark when he spits a ferocious whirlwind of memorable lyrics that will have you trapped in a wonderfully dazed-out trance until the track’s ending.

Be sure to check out Father’s SoundCloud page for more and we can’t wait to hear what else he drops in 2017.


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