As of writing it’s wet, rainy, and very cold outside. Considering the bulk of the country is still in the throes of, or recovering from the Polar Vortex, this isn’t really so bad. That said, the warmth and radiance of the sun is badly missed everywhere in the northern hemisphere these days.

Luckily we’ve got GIRLI "Deal With It" to share with you, which is the sonic equivalence of those light-drenched rooms the Swedish are said to occupy during the darkest months of winter. “Deal With It” is the electro-pop bop we need during these overcast and gloomy times.

GIRLI is the nom de plume of   Londoner Milly Toomey whose debut album Odd One Out is due out April 5th from some imprint of Virgin Records.

In regards to DWI (as the cool kids will certainly start calling it), Toomey had this to say in a statement:
“It is about embracing your weirdness and telling anyone who judges or questions your individuality to get over it. It’s about refusing to change who you are for other people and instead of saying that it’s their problem if they’re offended by who you are, not yours.”

Stuffed to the brim with youthful brazenness and exuberance, “Deal With It” plays like an anthem and rally cry fused together. Comparisons to Charli XCX and “I Love It” are unavoidable here for a myriad of reasons, so we’ll just acknowledge them and move on.

Along with the single and the album announcement, a music video for “Deal With It” also dropped. Full of vibrant colors and glossy features, it’s the perfect visual representation of the song.  



This April, in support of her first record, GIRLI will be embarking on her longest tour yet, with 17 dates across the UK. Hit up her official site for venue and ticket information.

Until then, start familiarizing yourself with the rest of GIRLI’s music. “Hot Mess” is a great jumping off point.


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