There is intense emotion behind J. Cole’s music, almost that of torment. The singer-songwriter’s development of gripping word play behind his latest single, “High For Hours,” gives much for the listener to reflect on. 

Current and past events, as well as clamoring for change are the topic. From Osama Bin Laden to police brutality, J. Cole tackles hypocrisy and cites his encounter with former president Obama and how he asked for answers on the many things that are wrong with the system. Frustration and despair is felt with every beat and every verse. Take a listen below and see how one could understand why J. Cole has been high for hours and why one could also have the feeling of sitting right there with him and rolling a few good ones.



Though the track hits heavy matters, the flow of the beat makes everything J Cole touched on easy to absorb.

First Verse:
American hypocrisy, oh, let me count the ways
They came here seekin' freedom
Then they end up ownin' slaves
Justified it usin' Christianity which saves
Religion don't mean shit, there's too much ego in the way
That's why ISIS is a crisis
But in reality this country do the same shit
Take a life and call it righteous
Remember when Bin Laden got killed, supposedly?
In a hotel lobby after a show, was noticin'
These white ladies watchin' CNN, coverin' the action
They read the headline and then they all started clappin'
As if LeBron had just scored a basket at the buzzer
I stood there for a second, watched them high-five each other
For real? I thought this was "Thou shalt not kill"
But police still lettin' off on niggas in the Ville
Claimin' that he reached for a gun
They really think we dumb and got a death wish
Now somebody's son is layin' breathless
When I was a little boy my father lived in Texas
Pulled up in Toyota, drove that bitch like it was Lexus
Put my bag in his trunk and headed off for Dallas
Out there for the summer, feelin' just like I was Alice
Lost in the Wonderland where niggas still sufferin'
Just like they was back home, and that's wrong
So now it's "Fuck the government!"
They see my niggas strugglin'
And they don't give a fuck at all, and that's wrong, yeah


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