If LPX’s vocals sound a tad bit familiar, that’s because Lizzy Plapinger is half of the indie pop duo MS MR. But now that MS MR are currently on a hiatus to explore other musical projects, she’s working on her solo debut, and her breakout single, “Tightrope,” is a high-energy indie rock track that demands your full attention from start to finish. It’s a little bit Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a little bit The Gossip, and a dash of The Stokes which makes her sound perfect for anyone who yearns for more garage goodness. (Can it please be 2002 again?)

The track kicks off with fuzzy guitars and Plapinger’s explosive distinct vocals, while ghostly echoing “ooh’s” beef up the background and intensity. Soon you’re completely sucked into the easy going feel of the pre-chorus, as she sings, “I could really love you babe/ only if you let me stay,” before finally being thrown head first into the track’s hard-hitting chorus right at the 1 minute mark as she squeals the lines, “don’t look down/ keeping my eyes wide/ and I won’t fall/ pavement bound/ not this time.”



About half way through the track’s duration, things take a break for a quick break down full of intricate percussion, raw vocals, and jangly guitars that serve as the perfect mood builder. Soon, you’re quickly thrown back int the track’s wonderfully heavy chorus along with a flurry of fuzzed-out instrumentals. All in all, “Tightrope” is a hard-hitting and memorable indie rock track with noteworthy lyrics that you can’t help but be totally obsessed with. We can’t wait to hear that else she’ll have in store for us in 2017.

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