New indie band MOSA WILD are coming at us at full force with their unapologetically epic indie rock debut, “Smoke.” The track includes all of the necessary ingredients of a delightfully emotional indie-pop anthem: Soft atmospherics, steady drums, guitars, and uplifting backing vocals that you can’t help but feel yourself get sucked into.

The track leaves no time to mess around— You’re instantly met with soft keys, a driving drum beat, and lead singer Jim Rubaduka's Chris Martin-esque vocals. Before the first minute of the almost 4 minute song is over, you’re already realizing that it’s too late and you’re about to get entranced in some uplifting indie rock bliss. It steadily builds as he sings, “I’m gonna do my best to get to you/ I’m gonna do my best to get to you,” and then backing vocals are introduced to help the tension build until finally softly breaking into controlled chaos.



The lyrics are also worth pointing out. I love how the track ends just as it begins, with the lines “she's out there smoking cigarettes again/ she said, ’It's the last time, then I'm gonna quit for good’.”

All in all, it’s a solid debut that proves we’re going to be hearing a lot more from these guys in 2017, and we can’t wait!


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