Moses Sumney - Worth It

If there’s one thing we all could use some more of, it’s soul. Thank God/Science (choose one) then for Moses Sumney and his gorgeous new single, "Worth It."

The California crooner’s new tune is more or less an a capella ballad save for some sparse hand claps and finger snaps. This minimalist environment complete with the use of autotune is sure to draw comparisons to Imogen Heap’s classic “Hide and Seek.” Hopefully Moses and his handlers can avoid permanently associating this track with a primetime soap opera.

Regardless, "Worth It" is a stand out cut that demands your full attention as well as repeat listens. In it Sumney wonders aloud a question every person who ever lived has asked: “Am I worthy of love and affections from others?” Based purely on musical talent, I’d say HELL YES he’s worth it (of course everyone is worthy of love regardless of blah blah blah). As evidence, listen to the track below:



Mr. Sumney will be playing in some churches in Los Angeles and London this October. Peep his official site for more specifics.

In closing, we’ll leave you with the lyrics to Moses Sumney "Worth It":

you give me all of you
i recognize my heart as black and blue
you accept all i do
but i don't know if that is wise
you offer all of you
i recognize your hand as a burning bruise
you reject solitude
but i don't know if i am worth it

i don't know if i am worth it
i don't know if i am worth it
worth it

tepid and taciturn
isn't enough to make you learn
you're not afraid of burns
but i don't know if you light my fire

i don't know if i am worth it
i don't know if i am worth it
i don't know if i am worth it
i don't know if i am worth it


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