When historians look back at this decade in electronic music, they will determine that every band had a male producer and female vocalists. Call it the Matt and Kim Corollary. Which brings us to XYLO and their best new song, “Get Closer.” While it’s not an advert for my favorite Joy Division album like I first hoped, it is heartbreaking pop song with pulse and emotional resonance to spare.

XYLO have one of those Scandinavian O’s and their name but live in Westlake Village, the suburb you live in if you can’t afford the commute from Thousand Oaks. The Brother-Sister duo of Paige and Chase Duddy first made waves earlier this month with a feature on a Chainsmokers’ song. They seemed primed to build off that momentum with “Get Closer.”

The song’s opening line: “You were so pretty on the small screen, but you look so different in the flesh though,” is the reaction of at least one involved party in 90% of all Tinder dates. That said, it’s probably a line about dating a TV celebrity. Or, if you wanna listen to the person who actually wrote the song, it’s about unplugging from the digital world and taking a look at the people in your life you are closest to and determining if that’s the type of crowd you want to be in and the life you wanna have.

There’s that and some other emotionally heavy stuff all wrapped up in a neat little 195 second package. Have a listen to it below:



“Get Closer” is now available for purchase and streaming at all the usual suspects. Big ups to Gianennio Salucci for directing the above video. Thanks for stopping by!

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