Why do I like 6LACK? He makes moody R&B that appeases to my very being; music I can flex and dance to while still looking morose and beautiful. The ATL singer just recently finished a tour with R&B juggernaut and equally sad singer The Weeknd, and I think I can take a great educated guess on 6LACK’s mindframe since then: Enter “That Far,” 6LACK’s new single that reads like a confidence-booster; an anti-hater anthem. Check it out below on We Are: The Guard.



“That Far” begins with lucid synths that gives Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” a run for its money. Then comes some fairly cut-throat verses -- 6LACK goes in. “You got some nerve tweetin’ on your mama couch.” DAMN.

Being the latina metiche that I am, this song keeps running through my head as I’m trying to Nancy Drew this mystery and uncover the inspiration of this song (is it someone we know? Does 6LACK have beef with anyone?? Who can it be??). But I lose my leads when the chorus comes in. 6LACK sings the chorus’ main line like a little kid winning at tag on the playground. “You won’t get that far.” And isn’t that just the best taunt you can think of? 6LACK stays charming even in a spitfire track.

So does this mean we’re getting 6LACK’s next project this year? The year is still very young, and the world could use more sleek R&B. Keep your eyes on his Soundcloud.