We all know that Canadians are nicer, paler, and more reasonable than their southern counterparts, but are they less horny? Rising Toronto R&B singer Benny Mayne and his jam “Bounce” presupposes that, maybe they’re not?

We will probably never have empirical data to inform us who has the more aroused nation, but that shouldn’t take away from how great and sexy this song is. And boy howdy is
Mr. Mayne interested in things being sexy.

At its best music has a way of breaking down barriers, bridging cultural gaps and leading us to the realization that we are all one and in this blessed mess together. So with that in mind, we can all agree that “Bounce” is 100% a song you can get down to.



The original song is a few months old, but last week Benny Mayne released the acoustic version, complete with the transfixing video you’ll find above. The pop-leaning track address a situation we are all readily familiar with: being in the company of someone you’re deeply attracted to and have chemistry with, but knowing this isn’t the unicorn you’re searching for.

Benny’s solution to this frustrating scenario?

Tough to fault my man’s logic here, although seeing how he lists his band interests as “sex”, and his Soundcloud proudly proclaims “bad girls do the best drugs”, I suspect this is his solution to a lot of life’s problems. Hell, it maybe the totality of his worldview. And if he keeps making music this delicious, who gives a fuck?

Below we’ve got the original joint, an R&B song worth getting sensual to in its own right. Keep your eyes and ears out for what’s coming next from Benny Mayne.

And should you ever find yourself at the same party as him, you probably shouldn’t trust the drink he’s offering you.