We at We Are: The Guard have another new artist for you. They’re a Minneapolis foursome called DEM YUUT and they’re getting ready to release their debut album, Liberator. “Dawn/Sea” is the first song we’re hearing from the band – it’s so textured that we almost feel like we can touch the airwaves the single emanates. Bent and reshaped synths, sputtering percussion and soft vocals come together to make something from another universe.



Frontman and songwriter Danny O’Brien has an effortless voice as he longs for some: “Because you are the first/ You are my last/ I just want to feel you for one more minute/ I am the dawn / You are the sea / Somewhere we’ll meet.” And then his voice warps along with the melodies to better illustrate the physical pain associated with yearning.

“Dawn/Sea” sort of sounds like what would happen if we put a radio-friendly indie band in blender to create something new. In our modern age, when sounds have been recycled again and again, it’s strangely refreshing to discover a band we can’t categorize. They’re managed by Middle West Management, who also happens to work with innovative successes like Sylvan Esso and Bon Iver, so they have the connections matched by their talent to hypnotize a following.