New European artist Ekat Bork has created something unique on "SHAMANIA" by melding genres including electronic, post punk, hip-hop, and avant-garde. Hailing from Siberia and currently residing in Switzerland, Bork is a singer, songwriter, producer, and director. She has performed across Europe on various festival stages and will be releasing a full length album titled EKAT in the next few months.



You can’t judge a book (or a song in this case) by its cover- no that’s some kind of spaghetti knight. Dark and dizzying track "SHAMANIA" begins with the lines, “When I was blinded / When I was stupid / Could I pray? / Who should I pray to?” over the sound of pounding and pads that grow sharper and sharper with hits as the verse progresses. The song then breaks into an explosive rhythmic, almost danceable rap section. Bork’s production choices accentuate the dark and dramatic nature of the song. Her layered and pitched vocals sit on top of sounds reminiscent of a marching band and piercing synths. The theme of being obsessed with and addicted to technology is matched with the anxiety of a ticking clock and Bork’s clever lyrics about social media - Bork describes her devices as an online shaman. Lines filled with depth and introspection are followed by lines like, “Maybe I will Google a pair of new shoes…” This thoughtful juxtaposition highlights the short attention span that has resulted from the surge in social media usage.

SHAMANIA was released in October along with a captivating music video. Featuring two dancers (Chris Badjang and herself), the video plays with an effect that evokes kaleidoscope imagery and various types of contrast. The black and white background is contrasted by the actors’ natural skin tones (intensified with body paint). The tribal theme of the costumes and dance coupled with the dystopian lyrics creates a thought provoking comparison.

By melding genres, making some really enchanting production choices, and playing with contrast, it is apparent that Bork has a clear vision. Garnering over 64,000 views on YouTube and over 221,000 streams on Spotify, we can tell that this vision has fascinated listeners around the world.


Arielle Tindel is a Berklee College of Music student from Cleveland, OH. She will graduate in December with degrees in Music Business Marketing and Songwriting. In her free time, Arielle can be found gardening or playing bass.