Well look what we’ve got here! A daaaaaamnnnn fine funky electro bassline pops underneath this brand spanking new neo-electronic soul (or neo-soul electronic?) single from the hottest new duo this side of the Atlantic Ocean. And the Pacific! From London to LA, FARR seems to draw inspiration more from the likes of disco electro wizards ZHU and Oliver than their average soul singing contemporaries. This is a dreamy match made in dream-soul-heaven and I can only hope and pray to the music gods to hear more of this kind of vibe from the scene as a whole. But hell, who cares? With an act like FARR out there— what more do we even need?

This magic definitely comes from LA vocalist Roméo teaming up across a couple oceans with London future house producer Linden Jay. Linden Jay has more hits to his name than you have letters in yours. Unless your name is something like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. That’s a lot of letters! Does Elvis even have that many hits? Though Linden Jay strays away from his traditional producing sounds, teaming up for FARR cements his place as a versatile producer with something real to say.



soundcloud While Roméo romances with his soulful croon on “Rebel Soul,” Linden Jay manages to rebel from the traditions of soul behind the decks. Clearly this song has personal intent behind the lyrics it also stands as as a metaphor for the duo’s place in the scene as a whole— rebelling against the traditions of what soul should and can be. This single comes after “Blades” and “Down,” both released within the past 6 months, and fortunately for us all three of these songs are amazing, and none of them sound remotely alike. With a sound this fresh FARR ain’t about to let themselves get pinned down. Expect more and more from these two in the next coming months, because as far as we here at We Are: The Guard can tell… they’re just getting started.

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