Most people remember Feist through their iPod purchases, and her bubbly, break-out hit of “1234” that had everyone nursery-rhyming all over 2007. You wanna know how I remember her? Crying alone in my room to “Lonely Lonely” and nursing some heartbreak. I don’t mean to bum you out, guys -- but this is the beauty of Feist’s songwriting, how she can oscillate from the utter peak of joy right down to sorrow’s precipice.



It’s been six long years since the Canadian singer’s had a major release, but “Pleasure” assuages any fear that she’s lost her creative touch. The song begins as lo-fi as you can possibly get -- Feist seemingly riffing on a guitar and aimlessly singing about life, taking a turn for a grunge aesthetic once the chorus hits. The guitar-strumming gets aggressive and I’m transported to 1993 for a second.

Despite the bursts of energy, I find the song to be a slow burn. But once the song gets there, and the strings start to seep in, and the emotion in her voice begins to swell, “Pleasure” then reaches that perfect in-between that she’s garnered so much acclaim for. The song triumphs through its own static, and by the end, Feist’s voice is a spirited roar much like the jubilance in her past hits.

I’ve been a fan since Broken Social Scene, as I suspect a lot of people have. To know she’s coming back after a long hiatus, with a song that sounds sincerely “Feist”-y, makes me have hope in this bleak-ass year. We Are: The Guard will have our ears locked on her Soundcloud for anything else she’ll release in the coming months.