Between his high profile relationship with Halsey and his infectious sound, it is no surprise that G-Eazy is one of the breakout artists of 2017. In celebration of his exceptional year, including an EP and a placement in The Fate of the Furious, G-Eazy released his third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned (Dec. 15). The record entails help from the music industry's top heavyweights today. More specifically "No Limit" has verses by Cardi B and ASAP Rocky and that A-list offering undoubtedly led the jam to land a top 10 spot on Billboard's Hot 100.



spotify A lesser known featured artist on the compilation is Drew Love of THEY. for a song titled "Love is Gone." We Are: The Guard believe it's one of the most underrated songs of the album, but it deserves your attention because it shows off a different side of G-Eazy. The rapper and producer gets political. Love's sensitive vocals deliver a heart wrenching introduction: "It's hard to sleep these days/ The sounds of all the screams keep me awake." That message overlaid with drum rumbles and tense keys is near-perfect, heated production without losing G-Eazy's signature catchiness.

But what is keeping G-Eazy and his friend from their REM cycle? There are so many issues to stress over in our world today. In this instance, the Northern California native tackles police brutality and--though he could easily skirt around the man in the White House--doesn't shy away from his distaste for our President's way of dealing with the matter. It even includes a shout out to YG's "FDT": " So I salute YG, fuck the president / 'Cause he a fuckin' racist, supported by white supremacists."

Since he is on the Top 40 rotation, G-Eazy has a unique opportunity to use his star power. We're thankful he is using his platform to empower fans to stand up against whatever cause they're passionate about.