Everyone loses something at some point in their life, whether it’s a cell phone, a loved one, or a significant other (am I really comparing saying bye to an ex to losing an iPhone? You bet your *ss I am).

So have I, and from experience, the ones that sting the most are genuine, honest-to-god friendships. It’s a different kind of hurt, one that Australian singer Gordi can unfortunately attest to with crystal clear lyrics. We Are: The Guard want you to check out “Heaven I Know,” Gordi’s recent single, but do bring the tissues. For your own good.



According to Gordi’s Facebook page, the singer has found her niche in seeking inspiration from platonic relationships, as opposed to romantic ones that so many often do. The results so far have made for cathartic tracks. “Heaven I Know” is a beautiful dirge, romantic in its composition but devastating with its words.

Over a counted, whispered mantra, Gordi splays her emotions on the piano keys and her voice croons a heavy, weighted prose. “I got older / We got tired,” she sings, an excuse as old as heartbreak. The track gradually swells as the brass kicks in, and Gordi’s voice starts to flicker and transition like a voicebox, incredibly reminiscent of Imogen Heap. It’s almost impossible to recognize it from the quiet whispers from where it began, yet it rings true for this kind of love lost. You don’t know what’s going on until it hits you.

“Heaven I Know” is Gordi’s first single off her debut album, which is due out in a couple months. Visit her Soundcloud here.