Haux is a new artist We Are The Guard is loving right now. He first caught our attention with his debut EP, All We’ve Known. It’s a collection of sullen, steady songs. He lets his voice and melodies trickle and they’re undoubtedly beautiful for a foggy morning.



But his new song, “Touch,” has a tempo perfect for a beachside sprint. Haux, also known as Woodson Black, is now making it clear that he isn’t just another moody ballad churner. He’s ready to explore his artistic range. “Touch” begins similar to his previous releases. It’s led by emotional lyrics with wandering instrumentals in the background. He begins with a soft touch: “Caught in the cold / of when we met / burning our lungs / with a cigarette.” Then the song evolves. The beat quickens with the chorus as he sings about lovers terrified of loving. A women’s angelic voice interjects and synths swell before he eventually declares, with his last line, that the relationship he speaks of was never real.

It’s a meditation on what could have been and it’s done in a way that can appeal to the radio and the tastemakers. We hope he keeps experimenting because it’s working.