We Are: The Guard have been watching Jack Grace's career slowly climb for two years now. His debut EP River, released last year, is a vibrating, delicate offering and frankly, one of the many underrated new EPs of 2016. The Australian producer creates something especially elevated— it's not easy listening. It's all tightly woven and so sensory that is feels like it might melt your face.



Ever since that introduction, he backed up into the shadows once again to work on If I Tremble, a work that— at seven songs— isn't quite an album or an EP. Clearly, Grace isn't paying much attention to convention, but that's likely what caught the attention of Of Leisure— home to other Australian electronic darlings like GRMM and Young Franco.

soundcloud In celebration of his new signing, Grace released the first single from the upcoming mystery compilation called "BE4UGO" and it is deep within the layers we loved on River. It begins somber and spacious with a begging, crackling call: "Before you go / Don't break my heart." One moment unsure and whirring in it's lyrics and scattered, twitching beats, and the next the mood orbits into something more urgent, anxious and thick before snapping back again to meet its end. There are only four lines in the song's totality, but the four minutes are still packed with meaning.

If Grace continues down this path, he has the potential to be as credible and genre fluid as James Blake.