Just one day after releasing this particular single, UK sweetheart and my deeply pounding crush since her debut album, Jessie Ware, announced her second pregnancy on Instagram.

I mention this first in this post to, well, congratulate her — but to really put some context into this brand new song of hers. Pregnancy is a state of celebration; elation. The happiest anyone can be. And Jessie sounds happy as hell — which in turn, as a fan, makes ME happy for her since I remember her from her quiet debut single, “Devotion.” This is Jessie Ware’s brand new single “Overtime,” and I want you to find someone who’s having HALF the fun that Jessie sounds like she is. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.



“Overtime” follows Jessie’s three LPs — the recent being Glasshouse —and according to her words on the press release, is a “late-night song to flirt to.” Holds pretty true on first listen, don’t you think?

Produced by electronic duo Bicep, “Overtime” sounds like a subtle club banger, a la Disclosure - the kind you start your night with, when you’re putting on mascara in your bedroom or you hijack your Uber driver’s aux cord on the way to the bar to, you know, get in the mood.

Now I’m not an expert on love, by far (Cupid’s stopped trying and has taken me off his to-do list). But if I were a matchmaker, I’d suggest that all my little We-Are-The-Guardians channel Jessie’s vibes and manifest them into love. In her words, “We don’t need no reason - we just keep the feeling.”

That’s right, folks! Shake your rumps and invite that cute boy at the end of the bar out on the dance floor. “Overtime” is about reveling in the night and carpe-dieming your way into someone’s heart. So don’t let Jessie down. She wants you to work overtime and she doesn’t mean the boring kind.

Plus, can you just hear how happy she sounds in this song? “Overtime” is her having a blast recording. So in that case, you kinda owe her— blast this for your life’s content.

There’s no exact timetable for Jessie’s next LP, unfortunately, but the fact that she released a new song just one year after her last album - and in the middle of a pregnancy - is really promising. Is 2019 another one of Jessie’s years? Stay tuned and watch.