Here I am, four months after my break-up and still crying about it every time an ounce of alcohol touches my lips. I’m actually pretty convinced our girl Beca is torturing me by tasking me with showcasing these tunes to you guys, but this one, y’all. This one is the song that will get me up off my feet and back on Bumble.

Because here I am, still sending texts at 3 AM while Swedish singer Kassandra releases a song about comforting HER OWN damn ex! “Lean down // Here’s my shoulder,” she starts off -- HOW. BOLD. IS. THAT.

Listen to “No Longer Lovers” by Kassandra and honestly, just bow down. The song is heavy with creativity and confidence.



Originally released independently and now re-released through Manifesto, “No Longer Lovers” is a slinky production with the sex appeal of an FKA Twigs track. Kassandra lures you in with her cool, self-assured vocals, and the track pulls you deeper in with its quirky chorus. Minimal and dark, the production makes sure to present itself in a unique and beautiful way.

As Kassandra’s stated, the track’s origins stem from her imagining a situation in which she’s comforting her ex-lover into getting over their relationship. If that’s not baller, I clearly don’t know the definition. “I promise you she will measure up” is a gut-punch lyric. I’m kind of in love.

“No Longer Lovers” is an impressive release from someone who clearly knows what she’s doing. I’m taking notes from her and camping out on her Soundcloud -- as we all should -- to wait for more tracks. Staaaaaay tuuuuned.