Feeling too fat? Too thin? Too dumb? Too smart? It's a part of living in modern society to feel less-than everyone around you. Everyone at one point, or all the time, believes they don't fit into the impossible standards set by our society. And the music industry doesn't help. It projects barbie-doll like pop stars, slick rock stars, and ultra-masculine rappers on a pedestal for us to look up to and compare to one another.



spotify Lizzo ignores the noise and that's why she's garnered a loyal, growing fanbase--because she's true to herself and that genuity is infectious. Her new single "Water Me" uplifts us so much that when listen we don't walk, but strut down the street as we nod our heads side to side. And then there's her vocals. She can carries notes that are as powerful as her message. It's a booming, soulful pop song and the title is a nod to song's singular narrative about nourishing yourself--to self-care and self-love. Produced by Grammy-nominated Ricky Reed, the catchy baseline and soaring synths furthers her narrative: "I don't get dehydrated, I moisturize it daily / I am my inspiration." She is our inspiration too.