We've watched Lorde grow up before our eyes. During her first album's release, she was known as a suburbia-bred 16-year-old, but now she is 20 years old and has a mature sophomore album, Melodrama, to match. While her debut focused on her upbringing, Melodrama thematically points at that transition from small town girl to global superstar.

One of those songs to explore that very subject matter is "Perfect Places."



The pop offering talks about a teenager's desire to experiment with partying, drugs, and sex. The lesson she's learned and that she makes pertinent by the song's end is that no matter how euphoric acts of rebellion may feel at the moment, they're in no regard as perfect as they feel. Actually, it is quite the opposite for any teen because as their days get closer to adulthood, they have to learn, through trial and error, how to be an adult.

soundcloudLorde is already expert at veiling tough subject matter in catchy riffs and synths. As is the job for any remix producer, Hibell attempts to elevate Lorde's messaging with a twist of his own. Given that Hibell's the same age of Lorde, the subject matter surely resonated with him and it shows. His rendition isn't better or worse, but it is different for sure. He seems to rip off that very veil. His beats crackle and swirl, warping the original version's smooth notes--indirectly proclaiming that it's ok to be imperfect. As opposed to the original version''s bubbly quality, We Are: The Guard can imagine this version playing at the parties Lorde describes.