If it’s true that first impressions are everything then Schwarz is bound for accolades. “Home” is the first song from the artist (also known as Roland Meyer de Voltaire) and what I hear is pure talent.

Schwarz’s voice is smooth and haunting. His sound is the kind that is easy to listen to when falling asleep at night. Nothing really matters besides the vocals, and really, it’s for the best. Putting heavy instrumentals in this song would be like putting ketchup on a perfectly grilled steak—it would just be wholly unnecessary.

When I heard about the meaning behind his angelic harmonies, it made the piece that much more special. It’s all about finding a place to belong. “Home” tells the story of his childhood move from a quiet German town into a building at the center of Moscow. Everything became noisy and confusing for so many years and he was miserable. Then somehow it changed. Eight years later, when he was given the chance to move back to Germany, he didn’t want to leave. It’s such depth that is missing from other artists today.



I’m not sure when he’ll be releasing more music, but I am definitely looking forward to hearing what he’ll sing next.