Los Angeles-based duo Sextile call their music “primitive post punk from outer space”, which is certainly a fitting description of their new song “Spun.”

Cries of British cultural appropriation are not a thing that exists (to my knowledge), but if it was, SJWs would be all over Sextile’s shit. The opening guitar lick on “Spun” feels like getting punched in the face by Mick Jones. It’s raw, muggy, unadulterated grungy sludge, the type you can hook straight it to your veins and stay high for days on. This is the kind of track your mom told you not to hang out with.

“Oh my god I lost my brains,” Brady Keehn yelps on the song’s intro behind thundering drums and a layer of distortion. This isn’t trying to be pretty, it aims to disturb and disrupt. In short, it’s punk as funk.



“Spun” is one of the two tracks released off 3, the bands forthcoming EP due out September 14th on Felte. Taking cues from “The Art of Noises” by Futurist Luigi Russolo, Brady and Melissa Scaduto employ a sonic landscape the strikes somewhere between Mad Max style dystopia with the organized chaos of the modern world.

After years of playing with various members, the duo has found a groove working together in a minimalist setting while focusing on maximizing the sound and impact of their music. Each bang of the bass drum, clash of the symbol, and wail of the guitar is amplified to augment the shock of their songs. The explosions of sounds never quite overwhelm the listener though, instead, it’s catchy in it’s on sort of way. The type of music that would cause the dance floor to flood with DR. Marten’s boots and DIY Mohawks.

Sextile will be touring the UK and Western Europe this fall. Dates and venues are below:

Sept 13 Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
Sept 14 Newcastle, UK @ Underground
Sept 15 Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
Sept 16 Birmingham @ The Cuban Embassy
Sept 18 London, UK @ Electrowerkz
Sept 19 Brighton, UK @ Hope & Ruin
Sept 20 Portsmouth, UK @ The Edge Of The Wedge
Sept 21 Le Havre, FR @ Mc Daids
Sept 22 Angers, FR @ Levitation Festival
Sept 23 Lyon, FR @ Le Farmer
Sept 24 Limoges, FR @ El doggo
Sept 25 Landgraaf, NL @ Oefenbunker
Sept 26 Antwerp, BE @ TRIX
Sept 27 Paris, FR @ La Station
Sept 28 Hamburg, DE @ Karatekeller
Sept 29 Berlin, DE @ Urban Spree

Since we all learn via repetition, we’ll close with a reminder that Sextile’s new EP 3 is due out on the 14 of next month. You can pre-order it here.


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