I ride or die with Swedish House Mafia. They are my first love in dance music and I’ll defend every one of their tracks until the day I day. While Axwell & Ingrosso continue to galavant across the world and tour as a bastardized version of the trio, it appears as if Steve Angello has gone a different way with it. Instead, Angello has taken this time to find himself and try his hand at a massive new sound for the dance music masses. Ever since House Mafia ended he has been publicly saying that he would be tackling something new, but I was beginning to think we’d never see it come to fruition. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.



soundcloudI heard nothing but incredible things about Steve Angello’s set after Coachella. Having premiered mostly new music, I figured it would be more of the electro-prog-house sound that made him famous in the first place. I definitely didn’t expect anything like this! Angello is onto something completely new here, dipping into that classic house music structure of slow builds and preacher-esque monologues that underground clubs have been bumping for as long as computers have been making music. He takes that anger and hardnesss that his productions have always had and puts them through a new filter via Gesaffelstein and dark warehouse techno. The legend has some magic on his hands here, creating some inspired deep dark tech-y sounds with a patience that you don’t see outside of Eric Prydz or Deadmau5 shows and veering very far away from the EDM sounds he’s been dwelling in for the past ten years. Chalk me up as a fan again.  Very excited to listen to the rest of this album. Hmmm…. Maybe I should go dig up that Coachella set.

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