It’s here, everyone!! *yells from a stranger’s balcony* IT’S FINALLY HERE!!

Sure, June 1 ushered in Kanye’s (yet again) polarizing new release, but don’t let all that Wyoming hubbub distract you from the actual worthwhile tunes that have been let loose for us folk who are too much in denial to realize we probably shouldn’t dance to — out of sheer lack of talent.

Big Freedia, current keeper of the New Orleans bounce sound (she DID have a hand in Drake’s “Nice For What” banger), and ultimate payer of ‘Rent’ has just dropped 3rd Ward Bounce, an EP already on rotation here at We Are: The Guard — we loves us some Freed’.

The EP is fire and uplifting twerk music as it comes, but “Karaoke,” the effort’s first track and next single is a HUGE sound, and calls back to those hazier nights out at the clurb. Listen to “Karaoke,” featuring Lizzo down below.



Remember those nights, though? You’d put on the tightest dress in your wardrobe and throw a wink at the bouncer at the front door to avoid paying cover; then you’d down three drinks in under an hour, making your entire system feel rrrreeeall nice once the club filled up with potential hookups.

Your song would then come on, and you’d go into automatic mode: “This is my soooong!” you’d yell in an octave higher than normal and you’d gulp the drink in your hand, set it down on the nearest flat surface and stomp on over to the dance floor. From then on, you’d start singing every lyric, karaoke-ing the words and letting your rump do what it’s meant to do (and you’ve been doing Pilates, girl), knowing full well that someone is watching and waiting to make their move on you.

Of course — the next morning your friends would tell you how horribly out of sync you were (no wonder they sidled away!) and that you had NO game, and your sloppy ass was the reason why everyone was kicked out (I thought we just left early!)

But you know what! You had fun, though.

And THIS is the essence of “Karaoke” — Big Freedia’s barreling tune forces you up out of your chair and commands you to dance, to move, to twerk with no holds barred. Pump this loud and carelessly, ‘cause someone is probably watching but who cares?

3rd Ward Bounce is out now on major streaming platforms so I don’t know what the hell y’all waiting for.