Best New Track: Peaches "Burst"


If you've been listening to Bitcandy's Internet Radio, then today's Latest New Songs isn't new at all.


We've been playing Peaches' newest jam, "Burst," for over three months (sure we got sneaked an advance), but since it just dropped, we felt the need to bring it the attention of you lovely dummies who don't listen to our internet radio station.

"Burst" was produced by Boys Noize & XXXchange, and the EP features remixes by UZ, planningtorock, and Bart B More.

Check it all out below:

Those familiar with the wondrous spankrock of Peaches will find more of the same from her here. What's great about this track is how it builds up the entire time but never quite… bursts. (I suppose double-entendres are unavoidable when discussing Peaches.) It holds the tension in through its entirety.

The good folks over at Boysnoize Records released this little ditty on the 1st of this month. This is Peaches first release with Boysnoize, and suffice it to say they're pretty pumped to have her on board. You can pick it up here.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music, where we were way ahead of the rest of y'all mother fuckers when it came to this and other sexy songs.  Boom.  Oh yeah...visit our Internet Radio by clicking "Online Radio" in the menu!  Free!


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