All you The 1975 fans and soon to be fans can rejoice because a brand new wig snatching punk rock single has been released. As a heads up to you all, in case you’ve felt like music has been somewhat of a snooze, the band is here to shake you up. No, actually they’re here to wake you up, and I mean both literally and figuratively. Their single “People” is mega raw and in your face. After the first listen, you’ll be wide awake and ready to make a change.



Oddly enough, as I was listening to “People” I recall a certain blog called The Tab said, “The 1975 are very good at making people who don’t have problems think they do.” To that, all I can say is “OH REALLY!?” Just look around you.

Anyways, clearly, I have issues.

Listen above and get off your phones, turn off your T.V.’s and make a difference in this life.


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