Best New Tracks: Germany Germany


We here at Bitcandy have taken quite a shine to the low-fi stylings of Germany Germany. We've been following the British Columbia native (of course he's Canadian. Why else would he be called Germany Germany?) for sometime now. Back in April we told you everything you needed to know about the artist, and we included his track "Departure" in our hella free Summer Sampler.

Which brings us to today's Latest Music Tracks in which we bring you two songs off his upcoming record, Blank Mind Empty Heart.

First up we have the contagious "With You" which features Kotomi (Who?). Listen to it below:


Next it appears that Germay Germany liked that song from Drive as much as the rest of us. Listen below to his cover of College & Electric Youth seminal track "Real Hero":

Blank Mind Empty Heart is out July 20th, 2012. You can download both these tracks for free by heading over to GG's band camp page.

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