A Place To Bury Strangers - Revenge‬


‪Sometimes we all need a musical oasis in which we can find relief from all the sun-drenched pop, both commercial and indie, that is making its way into our ears this summer. Thankfully, ‪A Place To Bury Strangers‬ is here to help. Their third studio album, Worship, acts as the perfect sort of antithesis for the type of music you normally hear this time of year.

Which brings us to today's Latest Music Tracks, "Revenge." If you're like me and you like your garage rock sounding like the speakers are blown out and/or underwater, then this is a song for you. Listen to it below:


Revenge is a common theme in music, usually reserved for the Lilith Fair type of female folk artists, but rarely is it presented with such a brash, "FUCK YOU" attitude as it is here. ‪A Place To Bury Strangers‬ do this sort of track better than most anyone, and it's time they get their due.

Worship is out now via Dead Oceans Records, so what are you waiting for? Go pick it up. 


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