Straight outta Brampton, it’s muthertruckin’ Alessia Cara y’all. Sorry, I had to.

Anyways, the 18 year old Canadian singer has written one of the greatest anti-party jams in a long while. While “Here” is not the Pavement cover I was hoping for, it is a best new song.

I can’t imagine anyone who’s been through high school not being able to relate to “Here.” We’ve all be there, or “Here” I guess. On this track Alessia tells the all-too-familiar tale of getting dragged to a party by your friends and finding yourself completely miserable at it. Jocks and cool kids, this is what the cute artists are thinking at your lame parties. Hipsters, this is how the jocks and cool kids feel at your pretentious, Wes Anderson-themed parties. Cara shows off her stunning voice and deft touch at conveying emotions with her lyrics on her debut single. How the hell is this girl only 18? I’m trying to remember what I was doing at that age but I don’t think my memory will allow me to considering how depressing it’ll be when juxtaposed with this kickass song.

Pop and Oak and Sebastian Kole are behind the production on this tune, which I just voted “Most Likely to Be In Heavy Rotation This Weekend,” because, high school. Get it?



Alessia Cara is the latest Youtube Cover star to be plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight. If she’s got more songs like “Here,” she’ll be in it for a while.


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