Just a stone's throw from St Valentine's Day, it seems fitting to have some scintillating slow jams in the form of “Millions” via the Canadian duo Always Never. Be sure to load some of these tracks onto your romantic mix-tapes, and send some 'Thank You' notes to your friends at We Are: The Guard.



The Toronto-based R&B duo have been drawing the attention of people since their first blip on the radar with their single “Call Me Over.” A short time later, these soulful Canadians have quite the follow-up with their string of luscious jams in the form of “Hopeless” and their newest drop, “Millions.” The pursuit of millions has never been so fun.

“Millions” is an ambitious release that is unquestionably catchy and brings forth a style made extremely popular by fellow Canadian musician, The Weeknd. Always Never is not quite at the status as the famous Maple Leafer, but their lyrics proclaiming their mission to “Chasing M's” might be a more feasible goal than for most people. In an arena where the greatest form of flattery (and financial success) comes in mimicry, Always Never appears to be a dead-ringer for some Saturday and Sunday loving.

There isn't much more that can be said about the phantom personas of this dynamic duo. Besides a dark profile photo, most of their cover art consists of scantily-clad and nude ladies. It further adds to their mystique. Besides, who doesn't love the female form?