Contradicting the title of today’s Best New Track, Arty’s latest piece, “Falling Down,” is packed with jubilant vibes that bind pop and EDM into an epic eargasm. The producer mellows out his tone and creates an emotive piece that will have even the non electro listeners giving it a spin. And of course this is something that’s expected since Arty’s work has been nothing but quality since he first appeared on the scene.

To complement the effervescent sound, Arty has enlisted the vocal talents of Maty Noyes who after a rough year of being pushed down or to the side in the music industry she just so happens to be the perfect representation for “Falling Down.” Call it destiny, call it coincidence, but I’m willing to bet that Arty knew exactly what he was doing when he called up Noyes for the collab.



“Falling Down” is more than just a dance floor hit. This is explosive, this is being able to go through the lows to get to the highs and feeling every bump along the road. This may make you tear up a bit, but you’ll feel way better after singing along to the lyrics:

Falling into circles (in the circles)
I am slowly losing my mind now (my mind now)
I won't, I won't ask for help
'Cause I like, I like the falling down

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