One of the very worst storytelling tropes is when a young child or teenager pointificates on some subject to a jaded adult, causing the former to remember some long forgotten truth.

Here’s a classic example of the genre from the touchstone smarmy film of our times: Love Actually

The reason I dislike these types of monologues so much is because I am now a jaded (part-time) adult who has forgotten many simple truths. One of which, as the above clip perfectly captures, is that being in love, well, it sucks.

Which brings us to 18 year old songstress Avonlea and her song titled, you guessed it, “It Sucks”.

If you want to focus on homegirl’s youth, you could make the argument that this track is another example of the narrative device I’ve been shittalking in this post.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

All I know is despite my initial cynicism this song -- like Sam’s speech and the rest of Love Actually -- ends up winning me over with its overwhelming sincerity and because it’s a highly enjoyable slice of pop culture.



In case the incredible artwork didn’t tip you off to what this song is about, it can be succinctly summarized as: realizing you’re still infatuated with another person even as they are vomiting on you. For our readers who have never had the pleasure of being puked on, especially by a crush or significant other, please note it is not fun. And realizing you are still ass-over-tea-kettle for said person whilst they’re discharging bile on you is quite the emotional roller coaster.

This whole sentiment is best summed up in the song at the 1:37 mark, at which point mindful listeners will hear a high-pitched “oh shit” after Avonlea waxes poetically about the honor of having her love “aim your puke right at my chest.” It’s a wonderful subtle moment in an indie pop jam full of them.

The California native burst on to the scene a few years back as a contestant on America’s Got Talent, but she has been dutifully making her own music since the age of 10. “It Sucks” counts as her debut single. She still has a few other originals, as well as some viral covers, available on her Youtube Channel and also appeared on Oshi’s cut “Whisper” last month.

But don’t worry folks, I’m sure Avonlea has a lot more in store for us. And you can rest assured, if it’s in the same stratosphere as “It Sucks” we’ll be letting you know about it here.

Stay tuned.


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