Best Tracks: Bad Books - The After Party


One of our favorite new music tracks this week is the song The After Party, off the new Bad Books LP, II. Just in case you’re not familiar with Bad Books, I’m going to take a minute to educate you on the backstory behind this collaboration.

Bad Books is Kevin Devine and Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra doing everything together, including writing the lyrics and the music and sharing vocal duties. Some of the fellows from Manchester Orchestra fill out the rest of the sound on guitar, keyboard, and percussion. This is their second album together and, amazingly, both Bad Books albums were made in about a week.

It works because Devine and Hull bring out the best in each other, and that is clear in “The After Party.” The song sounds like it could easily be a Manchester Orchestra song, with the big, intense guitars, but Devine’s influence is very present in the vocal cadence and lyrics.

Take a listen to “The After Party,” which is our top pick, and stream the rest of the album here compliments of  


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