Once home to Charles Dickens and Dylan Thomas (they’re famous literary folks), as well as the place of death of original AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott, Camden Town has always been an important artistic hotbed in the cultural melting pot that is London. It was in this crucible that new artist Bakar was forged. This rising star has only been making music for a year and a half, but a quick listen to some of his offerings would suggest he’s been at this far longer.

His latest single, “All In,” is a showstopping love song that mixes elements of trip hop, R&B, indie rock, and pop. This chameleon-like ability to bend genres and bounce between them with ease seems like a natural byproduct of growing up in a such a diverse area.  

Bakar oozes with confidence on this track despite its vulnerable subject matter. You can’t sugar coat greatness or swagger. A young man with an old soul, he carries himself with a sort of nonchalant courage that suggests he’s done this all before.

The music video for “All In” resembles an 80’s home video, complete with one of them squiggly lines running across the bottom the entire time. It features Bakar and his band in a dimly lit church performing the track to an audience of none.

Since this is a love song the location itself, a church, could be significant. Still the most likely place to exchange marital vows, a church is precisely the location in which one goes ‘all in’ on love. Perhaps the emptiness is a metaphor, perhaps they didn’t want to pay extras to be in the audience. Or maybe the empty pews were merely for acoustic purposes. Or its a message that you don’t need an audience or assembled witnesses in order to go ‘all in’ on a romantic relationship.
Who’s to say for sure? I’m just talking out of my ass. Watch it below and come up with your own theory.



Bakar’s forthcoming mixtape, BADKID, is out May 25th via bash*. Londoners can catch the release show on the 22nd at Camden’s Assembly Hall.

Earlier this spring he told Pigeon & Planes that he’s “coming for all my idols.” Bakar is not afraid to aim high, his debut single was called “Big Dreams” after all. Rise and conquer, creation and destruction, the circle of life. I for one am excited to watch this kid make his mark. Buy all his stock now before you get priced out, cause this dude is going places.


Calvin Paradise is not any one thing. The half-hearted vagabond and forgetful luddite currently resides in Los Angeles and how he spends his time is none of your damned business.