Best New Tracks: Big Sir-Ready on the Line


Hello...and Say hello to Big Sir, starring Juan Alderete and Lisa Papineau, which is part of BitCandy's free Indie / Indie Pop Summer Sampler 2012.  We're posting a track a week from the compilation which were all picked and discovered by our amazeballs Curators. (and um, that's right...that could be you).  The 15 track compilation is available for free at BitCandy's Facebook page.

So now a little more about Big Sir...Alderete has previously played bass for Mars Volta, Racer X, and countless other bands, while Papineau has been known to lend her vocals to the likes of Air, M83, Rentals, and even P.O.D. (< I know, dafuck that last one all about?) So when the couple combine forces for Big Sir, safe to say, the level of talent is INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!

Big Sir sees Alderete and Papineau cook up a cocktail of jazz, lounge, and pop music, with some other influences scattered in the peripherals. Basically... it sounds like nothing you have heard before.

Seriously, when I first heard "Ready on the Line" (taken from Big Sir's fourth album, Before Gardens After Gardens), it was so batshit crazy, I convinced myself I had accidentally hit press 'play' on two songs at once!

Well, turns out, I had! Haha (seriously FU MySpace and your automated music player!) But anyways, when I finally got around to hearing the track on its lonesome, it was still pushing genre defying CRAZINESS! So check it out below, yo! And hear the rest at Bandcamp! 

Big Sir form part of BitCandy's Summer Sampler 2012, available for free through our Facebook page.

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