This next track reminds me of high school show stereotypes; when kids from the CW are pining to be part of the cool kids group, and the cool kids all gather behind the bleachers to smoke cigarettes. They’re the right kind of blase, and have just enough grit to make me think they can kick my ass.

Except I think this band can ACTUALLY kick my ass despite the fact that I’m eight years their senior. So may I introduce Bilk to y’all?

Bilk is a british trio that mixes the sound of brit-pop from the past with rock’s DGAF modernity. Listen to “Give Up” down below and watch them rock out in their new video.



“Give Up” is a fast-paced garage rock song with a funky bass-line pulsing at the center of the track. For a debut single, especially coming from a trio of ambitious new-comers, “Give Up” is chillingly good, and channels elements of the Sex Pistols and the garage rock revival from back in the 2000s. Boys did their homework, yeah?

The upbeatness and confidence that “Give Up” contains sounds geared to be featured on the next cult Brit flick; Trainspotting 3 maybe? Another Edgar Wright film? There’s sure to be another Baby Driver in the works, so I think Bilk might have a chance. I’ll try and get you a connect, guys.

Bilk’s made a huge splash with their premiere single already and played a show earlier this week to showcase their sound. Watch ‘em on your radar!