Best New Tracks: Cheasleauen - Insane


This week, BitCandy have been busy bringing ya daily breakdowns of every track that features on our brand-spanking new Summer Sampler 2012, which is available for free through our Facebook page right NOW!

We have already featured New Music Tracks from Paper Lions, Silver Swans, Mother Falcon and Coco Morier and today... we serva ya some Cheasleauen!

Sure, “Cheasleauen” may be tricky to spell, but it is worth remembering what letters go where, cos this Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks love child is ready and waiting to tear down your house with her brat rap!

We first fell for Cheasleauen after hearing her mixtape, Obnoxious 2012, on which the Las Vegas vamp cut her serpent tongue atop cray (screw it, this badass bitch needs a new genre) crunklectro beatz.

Going on that mixtape alone, we knew Cheasleauen could (and should) be next big thing in hip hop. She's fierce, funny and seriously cutting our edges! Taster the lunacy yourself via the deliciously gluttonous “Go Insane,” below (it even drops a Bart Simpsons quote, yo!)

And remember hipsters, “Go Insane” is one of 15 New Music Tracks to feature on our Summer Sampler 2012, available for free (yes, free tight ass!) through BitCandy's Facebook right now! So go and get it silly! 


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